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Home Brew Starter Kit- Reward Points
Brewing Starter Kit Reward Points

Mangrove Jack’s – Originally created in New Zealand, is now a leading global brand for home brewers.

From pils to porters, lagers to stouts or IPAs and APAs – Mangrove Jack’s has a beer brewing kit to help you create your own hand crafted brews.

And for the cider lovers the Mangrove Jack’s craft series range has everything from classic orchard Apple Cider to pear, mixed berry or other more unique flavours to choose from.

Looking for a way to start brewing?

The Mangrove Jack’s Home Brewery Starter Kits have everything you need to easily start brewing beer or cider in your own home.

Our home brewing starter kits are suitable for beginners. Whether you’re buying a gift or looking for your own first kit, our value for money home brewing starter kits offer you an easy way to learn to brew beer or cider in your own home.