One of the most popular Mangrove Jacks beer kits, the Mangrove Jacks Lucky Goat Pale Ale is a well-crafted beer that offers a unique and satisfying flavor. The pale ale has a medium body with a smooth and creamy texture. The hops used in the brewing process provide a light and refreshing bitterness that balances perfectly with the malt flavors.

Similar to the Mangrove Jacks Craft Series beer kits, the Lucky Goat is produced using cold filled pouch technology to protect the flavour and aroma characteristics of the malt. Overall, the Mangrove Jack’s Lucky Goat Pale Ale is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, flavorful beer that is perfect for any occasion.


Additional Ingredients Required:

For fermentation you will also require 1kg of dextrose. As an alternative to dextrose consider Liquid Brewing Sugar to reduce the sweet finish and improve the mouthfeel of your brew. Liquid Malt will give you a smoother mouthfeel and more body and this is a flexible kit that will work well with a few styles of liquid malt extract depending on the finish you want.

For more malt character and a depth of colour use a light liquid malt extract. For a lighter colour and malt character use the Ultra Light LME or to stay with the straw coloured style of a pale ale look at using a Blonde LME.


Premium Yeast Options:

The Mangrove Jacks Lucky Goat Pale Ale does come with style appropriate yeast. Selecting a premium yeast can give you more flexibility when brewing in ambient temperatures and can improve the quality of your final product or support unique flavour characteristics.

We’ve made this brew with the SafAle S-33 which we chose as it is well suited to bringing out fruity expressions which is nicely in line with the flavour profile of Mangrove Jacks Lucky Goat Pale Ale. We would also suggest considering the SafAle US-05 which has proven to be an exceptionally diverse yeast that is well suited to Ales and will introduce a subtle citrus note to the brew.

If you use a premium yeast you would discard the factory yeast.


Dry Hopping Options:

We’ve dry hopped this brew using the Nelson Sauvin and the US Amarillo on separate occasions and got a great result both times. The Nelson Sauvin will give you somewhat of a tarte edge with gooseberry notes while the US Amarillo will bring through fruity and citrussy tones with strong hints of orange. If you’re looking for less hop character and just a hint of flavour we thing the Cascade finishing hops would be a great choice giving you a slight citrus tone.


Still Want to know more?

Check out the Mangrove Jack’s Traditional Series Lucky Goat brewing instructions or the full Mangrove Jacks Lucky Goat Pale Ale Review.


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  1. I need a bit more practice, but it’s possibly my best effort so far

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