Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit – Three Minute Product Review
You’ll see everything that comes with the kit, and how it will be packaged when you order from Home Brew Republic.


Equipment Included:

• Mangrove Jacks Fermenter – 30 L Barrel, Lid, Tap & Stick-on Digital Thermometer
• Bubbler Airlock & Grommet
• Hydrometer
• Brewer’s Spoon (39 cm)
• Cleaner/Detergent
• No Rinse Sanitiser
• Brew Bottler
• Sediment Reducer
• 1 x Standard Brush
• 30 x 750ml PET Bottles

Fermenter is made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) materials, suitable for food contact applications – exactly like home brewing!


Ingredients Included:

• Mangrove Jack’s Traditional Series Pouch
• Mangrove Jack’s Light Liquid Malt Extract (LME) 1.2kg
• Carbonation Drops x 60

Want to know more about the Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit?


How long will it take before I can drink the beer I make?

Kit beers often take around 10-12 days to ferment and we recommend letting the beer mature in the bottle for 4-6 weeks before you drink it – which is longer than the instructions advise.


How much beer will one beer kit make?

One beer kit makes 23l and will produce 24-28 750ml bottles.


What types of beer can I make with the Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit?

From Pilsners to Porters, Lagers to Stouts, IPAs to APA, a Pale Ale or even a Mexican Cerveza – you can use any malt extract beer kit with this equipment.


Can I use the kit again?

All of the equipment in the Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit is reusable. You will have to purchase additional beer kit and consumables like sanitiser, carbonation drops or lids.


Can I make good beer using the Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery kit?

Absolutely. Everything we-re about is helping you make good beer that your friends and family will enjoy with you. With the quality equipment and ingredients available to home brewers today, we believe its possible to make beer as good as the beer that comes from a tap in your local pub.


Essential Kit Brewers Guide - Free With This Product Purchase


Our aim? To give you the information, hints, tricks and tips that you can use to make good brews your friends and family will drink with you. When you purchase this product we will give you a  free digital copy of Home Brew Republic’s exclusive brewing guide. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to up your game, this guide is your go to resource containing every essential topic you need to know to make good beer your friends and family will drink with you. Cheers to that!

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  1. Tap/faucet when fitted tightly is upside down, have to turn 180 degrees which might cause a leak.

    • thanks for the review, we always appreciate the product feedback. What most of us do is apply plumbing tape to the thread of the tap which will allow tge tap to tighten in the right position. Hope that helps.

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