Brewing Supplies

From dextrose to carbonation drops or crown top caps, home brew kits, liquid malt extract or hop pallets and everything in-between we have all the brewing supplies you need to brew good beer your friends will drink with you.

Here at Home Brew Republic we’re dedicated to brewing using home brew kits. Kit brewing is time effective, cost effective, and still leaves brewers plenty of room to experiment with process, and additional ingredients like hops.

Our range of brewing supplies is designed to give kit brewers everything they need to make good beer their friends will drink with them.

If you’re a regular brewer then you’ll want to get your brew on as soon as you can. That’s why we ship all order (received before 2pm weekdays) the same day, using fast, secure shipping and fixed price freight to make sure your brewing consumables arrive as fast as possible.

And like we always say, we’re brewers too. If you want to chat about your brewing process or ask any questions then reach out. You can email us at

From Russell, our Chief Kit Brewer:

Brewing supplies offer you some of the easiest ways to improve your final product and experiment with your brewing process.

As a new brewer one of the best things, I ever did was move to amber crown top bottles from the plastic pet bottles in the starter kit. Glass bottles are much better for holding carbonation and maintaining the quality of the beer that you carefully hand crafted.

Finings are a great tool to change the finish of your beer. If you’re looking for clean and clear then finings are the way to go. – But hazy is also on trend these days!

Perhaps what I find most amazing it the process of brewing beer your friends will drink with you, isn’t complicated.