Flavour and Aroma Characteristics of Cascade Finishing Hops:

Cascade hops, whether from the US or NZ, contribute a celebrated and versatile flavor and aroma profile to beer, admired for its delightful blend of freshness and depth. Utilizing Cascade in dry hopping introduces an engaging mix of floral and citrus notes, with a hallmark touch of grapefruit that’s become synonymous with this hop variety. Alongside, there are nuances of spicy and piney elements, adding layers to the beer’s aromatic complexity. This results in an uplifting and inviting aroma that greatly enhances the beer’s overall appeal, making it highly favored among craft beer enthusiasts who value a hop that delivers both a vibrant aromatic presence and a well-rounded bitterness. The adaptability and approachable nature of Cascade hops make them a stellar choice for imparting a clean, crisp, and unmistakably bright citrus finish.


Why Use Mangrove Jacks Finishing Hops?

When using a smaller volume of Cascade hops for dry hopping, such as 15g in a 23-liter brew, the hop contributions will be subtler, enhancing the beer without overwhelming it.


Cascade Finishing Hops goes well with….

Cascade finishing hops are particularly well-suited for dry hopping in the following beer styles:

  1. Lagers: Traditional styles like Light Lagers can benefit from a small addition of Cascade hops, lending a nuanced citrus note that brightens the beer without detracting from its crispness.
  2. American Pale Ale: In APAs, a lighter touch of Cascade hops can complement the malt base with a delicate layer of grapefruit and floral aromas, maintaining the style’s balance between hops and malts.
  3. Session Ales: The smaller amount of Cascade perfectly suits Session Ales, where a hint of floral and citrus notes can enhance the overall drinkability without introducing too much bitterness.
  4. Amber Ales: In Amber Ales, using Cascade as a finishing hop in modest amounts can introduce a refreshing citrus undertone that beautifully contrasts with the caramel and toasted malt flavors typical of the style. This can add a layer of aromatic complexity and a slightly crisp finish to the richer malt body.
  5. Wheat Beer: A smaller addition of Cascade hops towards the end of brewing can subtly accentuate the bright and smooth profile of American Wheat Ales. The light citrus and floral notes can complement the wheat’s soft, grainy character without overwhelming the beer’s inherent freshness.
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Mangrove Jacks Finishing Hops Cascade 15g
Mangrove Jacks Finishing Hops Cascade 15g

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