Dextrose Brewing Sugar is the most cost effective fermentable addition for any brewing kit which requires additional fermentables.


Dextrose brewing sugar, often recommended in the instructions for extract brewing kits, is a common sugar used in homebrewing. It’s pure glucose, which means it is entirely fermentable. This characteristic leads to consistent and predictable results during fermentation.

Among options like malt extracts, dextrose brewing sugar stands out as the most cost-effective. It’s an ideal choice for brewers looking to limit the cost of their brews. However, the use of dextrose does come with some implications for the final product.

Dextrose brewing sugar can introduce a sweet aftertaste in the beer. Whether this is a positive or negative attribute will depend on the style of beer you are brewing and your personal preferences for flavour. And Dextrose doesn’t contribute to the body of the brew. Beers brewed exclusively with dextrose often have a light body, and in some cases, can have an almost watery texture.

An important point to note is the impact of dextrose on the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of the beer. Generally, adding 1kg of dextrose to your brew can increase the ABV by approximately 1-1.5%.

In sum, dextrose brewing sugar is a reliable and cost-effective sugar for brewing, though it’s important to balance its use to ensure the desired body and texture of your beer.


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