Discover the robust flavors of Black Rock Miners Stout, a homebrew kit that celebrates the traditional stout style. Crafted for homebrew enthusiasts, this kit simplifies the brewing process while delivering a stout with a deep, rich character.

With Black Rock Miners Stout, expect a smooth, full-bodied experience. Its well-rounded profile, marked by classic stout notes, makes it perfect for those who appreciate a hearty brew. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or just starting, this stout kit is designed to impress with its quality and ease of brewing. Bring the essence of a classic stout into your home with Black Rock Miners Stout.



Looking for a food match? The Black Rock Miners Stout Goes Well With…

1. Lamb shank Pie: The richness of a slow-cooked lamb shank pie, with its hearty gravy, complements the deep flavors of the stout, enhancing both the meat’s and the beer’s taste profiles.

2. Venison Burgers: The gamey flavors of a venison burger, ideally topped with caramelized onions and a slice of smoked cheese, marry well with the stout, creating a harmonious blend of earthy and rich tastes.

3. Grilled Rib Eye Steak: The smoky, charred flavors of a well-grilled ribeye steak will enhance the dark, roasted character of the stout. The meat’s juiciness and the beer’s full-bodied nature are a match made in heaven.

4. Chocolate and Raspberry Brownie: The bitterness of dark chocolate combined with the tartness of raspberries in a brownie complements the stout’s chocolatey undertones and its overall complexity.

5. Chocolate Mud Cake: For a sweet pairing, the dense, rich chocolate mud cake, a Kiwi favorite, echoes the chocolate notes in the stout, making for a decadently harmonious combination.


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