What is Brewmaster Maltose Liquid Brewing Sugar?

In simple terms, maltose liquid brewing sugar is a syrupy sugar derived mainly from corn or sometimes barley, and it’s primarily composed of maltose, a type of sugar. It’s used in brewing to add fermentable sugars to the wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process during brewing). Because it’s a liquid, it can be easier to mix into the brewing process compared to granulated sugars.

Brewers often prefer Maltose Liquid Brewing Sugar over alternatives like dextrose because it doesn’t significantly altering the flavor profile of the beer, resulting in a clean and crisp finish.


Why Use Brewmaster Maltose Liquid Brewing Sugar? 


Fermentability: Liquid maltose has a high fermentability rate, around 80%, which can help achieve desired alcohol levels without overly sweetening the brew. This makes it a good choice for brewers aiming for a clean fermentation with a predictable increase in alcohol content.

Flavor Contribution: While not as rich in flavor as malt extracts derived from barley, liquid maltose can still contribute a mild, clean sweetness to the beer. This can be particularly useful in styles where a more neutral sweetness is desired, without the more complex flavor profiles malt extracts might add.

Consistency and Control: Using liquid maltose allows for more consistent results and better control over the brewing process. Since it’s a defined product with specific fermentability, brewers can calculate its contribution to the beer’s alcohol content and body more accurately than with natural grains, which may vary.

Ease of Use: Liquid maltose can be easier to handle and incorporate into the brewing process compared to granulated sugars or dry malt extracts. Its liquid form mixes readily with the wort, ensuring even distribution without the need for additional dissolving steps.

Adjusting Beer Profile: Liquid maltose can be used to adjust the final beer profile, particularly in brewing styles where a higher alcohol content is desired without a heavy body or overly complex malt character.


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Brewmaster Maltose Liquid Brewing Sugar 1.4kg
Brewmaster Maltose Liquid Brewing Sugar 1.4KG

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