To make the Brick Road American Ports, Brick Road searched the world to find the best maltster to create this exceptional hopped wort. Only the finest grains are selected and malted. Malts are blended to suit the beer style, then mashed with hop extracts to create hopped wort. The fresh wort is gently reduced to 80 Brix before being canned fresh on-site to retain its original delicious malt flavours.


Additional Ingredients Required:

For an American Porter add 1.5kg Brick Road Dark malt extract, or 1kg Brick Road Dark Dry malt extract.


Optional Ingredients:

Finish with up to 100g of American hops like Cascade, or Columbus for resiny, earthy hop aromas.


Looking for a food match? The Brick Road American Porter Goes Well With…

1. Beef Stew: A hearty beef stew, with its deep, savory flavors and tender meat, pairs well with the robustness of the Brick Road American Porter, particularly highlighting its chocolatey undertones.

2. Grilled Portobello Mushrooms: The earthy flavors of grilled portobello mushrooms, perhaps with a bit of garlic and herbs, will harmonize nicely with the toasty elements of the beer.

3. Venison: The gamey, rich flavors of venison are a superb match for the deep, roasted malt character of the Brick Road American Porter. Toppings like caramelized onions would enhance the beer’s toffee notes.

4. Lamb Pie: The richness of lamb, especially when cooked in a pie with a rich gravy, complements the malty depth of the porter.

5. Pumpkin Soup: A creamy pumpkin soup, especially when spiced with a hint of nutmeg or cinnamon, can complement the toasty and chocolate flavors of the porter.


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Brick Road American Porter Homebrew Beer Kit
Brick Road American Porter

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