Brewing lactose is a versatile ingredient that can enhance sweetness, mouthfeel, and overall complexity in various beer styles, particularly those where a smooth, creamy texture is desired.


Why Use Brewing Lactose

Non-Fermentable Sweetness: Lactose is a non-fermentable sugar, meaning it does not get converted into alcohol during the fermentation process. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for adding sweetness and body to your brew without increasing the alcohol content.

Enhanced Mouthfeel: Lactose contributes to a creamier, fuller mouthfeel in beer. It adds a smooth, velvety texture that can balance out the bitterness and enhance the overall sensory experience.

Complexity and Balance: It can also introduce an extra layer of flavor complexity, rounding out the taste profile and balancing both the hops and malts in the beer.


Beer Styles Which Brewing Lactose Works Well With

Milk Stouts and Cream Stouts: Lactose is a staple ingredient in milk or cream stouts, giving these beers their characteristic sweetness and full-bodied profile.

New England IPAs: Some brewers use lactose in New England IPAs to add body and balance the beer’s juicy, fruity hop profile.

Fruit Beers and Sours: In fruit beers and some sour styles, lactose can complement the fruit flavors, adding sweetness to counteract sour or tart notes.

Porters and Dark Ales: In darker ales and porters, lactose can enhance the natural malt sweetness, contributing to a richer, more rounded flavor.



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