The Home Brew Republic’s NZ West Coast IPA, crafted with a dynamic duo of Mosaic and Galaxy hops, is a bold and satisfying brew that’s perfect for those who love a beer with character. This IPA boasts a hearty biscuity malt foundation laced with toffee nuances, creating a rich and complex flavor profile. Its assertive punchy bitterness, with an IBU of 38, is perfectly balanced by the tropical and citrus notes delivered by the renowned hop combination. Each sip promises a lively and robust taste experience with just the right level of effervescence to refresh the palate. Whether you’re enjoying a casual gathering or a formal celebration, this IPA is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a full-flavored beer that embodies the adventurous spirit of Kiwi brewing.


What’s Included InThis Recipe:

  • Black Rock Crafted Bag-In-Box IPA Kit (including SafAle US-05 Yeast)
  • 100 grams Mosaic Hop Pallets
  • 100 grams Galaxy Hop Pallets
  • Mangrove Jacks Liquid Beer Finings
  • Mangrove Jacks Yeast Nutrient

This recipe includes all of the ingredients you require to ferment this brew. There are no additional fermentables required, for example dextrose or liquid malt extract. 


Special Instructions for Brewing This Recipe:

  • Follow brewing instructions included with the Black Rock Crafted IPA
  • Add Dry Hops on day four of fermentation
  • Recommended total 100 grams (4.34 grams / litre) of hops in dry hopping process. Use 40 grams of Mosaic and 60 grams of Galaxy.
  • When dry hopping take measures to protect the brew from hop particals. Where brewers cannot cold crash prior to bottling or kegging we suggest using a hop sock.
  • When bottling best practise is to rack off into a bottling bucket using a syphon.
  • We recomend bottle conditioning for a minimum of four weeks before drinking. Allowing 8-12 weeks to mature will improve the flavour profile of the final product.



We don’t just post any recipes – only those that we’ve brewed or super trusted members of our community have shared with us. Want the low down before you jump into this recipe? Check out the full brew review on our YouTube channel.



Tell Me About The Hops In This Recipe:

Released in 2012, the Mosaic hop is the new age daughter of the bitter, earthy hop Simcoe and is noted for its blueberry or mixed berry tones but is regarded as being a complex hops. Other flavours and aromas commonly associated with this hop are citrus, herbal, floral and grassy tones.

The Galaxy hop, regarded as Australia’s Citra brings us back to the Pacific (and the little hint of NZ that we will claim) and brings us Citrus notes backed by tropical fruit notes including passionfruit, peach and citrus.

The Mosaic and Galaxy are regarded as working exceptionally well together and will bring a depth to the hop character of the brew.


Looking for a food match? The NZ West Coast IPA goes Well With…


1. Fish and Chips: A  classic Kiwi favorite, the crispy battered fish will pair nicely with the IPA’s hoppy character, while the fries can soften the beer’s bitterness.

2. Steak and Cheese Pie: The savory filling and flaky pastry, coupled with the richness of cheese, will resonate well with the biscuity and toffee notes of the beer.

3. Grilled Halloumi Salad: The salty, grilled cheese and a fresh green salad will balance the IPA’s bitterness and highlight its tropical and citrus hop flavors.

4. Bacon and Egg Pie: Thehe savory and fatty qualities of bacon and eggs in a pie will be cut through by the IPA’s assertive bitterness, cleansing the palate between bites.

5. Pavlova with Kiwifruit: The sweetness of the meringue and the tartness of kiwifruit will offer a delightful contrast to the IPA’s hoppy and bitter profile.


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