The Home Brew Republic’s Craft Mosaic Pale Ale is a modern twist on the classic American Pale Ale. This new age American style Pale Ale boasts a complex flavour profile with citrus, grassy, herbal and spice notes backed with complex fruit tones like blueberry, mixed berry and floral and earthy flavours.

With an IBU (bitterness rating) of 30 and a modest malt character this is a flavoursome and very easy going Pale Ale that will be an easy crown pleaser to most beer lovers. Each sip promises a lively and robust taste experience with just the right level of effervescence to refresh the palate. Whether you’re enjoying a casual gathering or a formal celebration, this Pale Ale is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a full-flavored beer that embodies the adventurous spirit of Kiwi brewing.


What’s Included InThis Recipe:

  • Black Rock Crafted Bag-In-Box Pale Ale Kit
  • 100 grams Mosaic Hop Pallets
  • Mangrove Jacks Liquid Beer Finings

This recipe includes all of the ingredients you require to ferment this brew. There are no additional fermentables required, for example dextrose or liquid malt extract. 


Special Instructions for Brewing This Recipe:

  • Follow brewing instructions included with the Black Rock Crafted IPA
  • Add Dry Hops on day four of fermentation
  • Recommended 60 grams (2.6 grams / litre) of hops in dry hopping process.
  • For brewers who prefer a stronger hop forward character you can add the full 100 grams however we would caution over-hopping this brew.
  • When dry hopping take measures to protect the brew from hop particals. Where brewers cannot cold crash prior to bottling or kegging we suggest using a hop sock.
  • When bottling best practise is to rack off into a bottling bucket using a syphon.
  • We recomend bottle conditioning for a minimum of four weeks before drinking. Allowing 8-12 weeks to mature will improve the flavour profile of the final product.



We don’t just post any recipes – only those that we’ve brewed or super trusted members of our community have shared with us. Want the low down before you jump into this recipe? Check out the full brew review on our YouTube channel.



Tell Me About The Hops In This Recipe:

Released in 2012, the Mosaic hop is the new age daughter of the bitter, earthy hop Simcoe. Noted for its blueberry or mixed berry tones but regarded as being a complex hop, Mosaic is highly regarded for their use in Pale Ales. Other flavours and aromas commonly associated with this hop are citrus, herbal, floral and grassy tones.

The unique blend of fruity and earthy notes provided by Mosaic hops can add depth and complexity to the beer, making it a favorite among craft brewers aiming to produce distinctive and flavorful Pale Ales.

The incorporation of Mosaic hops in the American Pale Ales represents a shift from the more traditional, often more balanced and less hop-centric American Pale Ales, to ones that showcase the unique and diverse flavor characteristics of newer hop varieties. As such, beers crafted with Mosaic hops exemplify the evolution of the American Pale Ale style towards more expressive and aromatic hop profiles, fitting well within the modern or new age categorization.


Looking for a food match? The Mosiac Pale Ale goes Well With…


1. Margherita Pizza: The simplicity of a Margherita pizza, with its fresh tomato, basil, and mozzarella, pairs beautifully with the Mosaic hop’s complex profile, highlighting the beer’s citrus and herbal notes.

2. Fish and Chips: The crispiness of battered fish and the earthy notes of chips (fries) complement the fruity and slightly bitter profile of the Pale Ale, enhancing both the meal and the beer.

3. Sausage Sizzle: A classic Kiwi sausage cooked on the barbecue and served with grilled onions and a slice of bread offers a simple yet satisfying match for the Pale Ale’s hoppy character.

4. Lamb Burger: Lamb, being a staple in New Zealand, in the form of a simple, homemade burger with lettuce and tomato, can beautifully match the beer’s moderate bitterness and fruity aromas, enhancing the lamb’s richness.

5. Kumara Fries: Sweet potato fries, or kumara fries, with their sweet and earthy taste, are a great snack that complements the citrus and berry notes of the Mosaic hops in the beer.


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