The Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale is a brew in a back (BIB) – the easiest way to make good beer at home. This is a premium all-in-one solution to make brew day quicker and easier than ever before. Pour straight from the bag, add water and pitch your yeast.


You DO NOT REQUIRE Dextrose or and additional ingredients to get this brew fermenting.


About This Brew:

The Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale is an exceptionally easy drinking brew that is agreeable to a range of tastes. The moderate low-moderate bitterness of the brew coupled with soft malt character and wheat tones make this brew the perfect accompanyment to afternoon sessions and social evenings.


Suggested hop pairing:

For dry hopping the Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale you can go in a few directions here….

If you want to head in the direction of an American Pale consider any of the quintecential US hops like CascadeColumbus or Centennial or more modern options like the Mosiac.If you want to head in the direction of a Pacific Pale Ale consider something like the Galaxy hop, which is regarded as Australia’s answer to Citra.


Looking for a food match? The Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale goes Well With…

1. Fish and Chips: A  classic Kiwi favorite, with its crispy, golden batter and flaky fish, is a perfect match for the ale’s crisp finish, cutting through the oiliness while complementing the sea-salt flavors.

2. Lamb Chops: New Zealand lamb, known worldwide for its quality, pairs wonderfully with Pale Ale. The moderate bitterness of the beer complements the slightly gamey, rich flavor of the lamb.

3. Chicken and Kumura Salad: A light and refreshing salad with roasted kumara (sweet potato) and grilled chicken makes for a delightful pairing. The sweetness of the kumara and the savory chicken are balanced by the ale’s crispness.

4. BBQ Sausages: Nothing says a Kiwi BBQ like a sizzling sausage off the grill. The smoky flavors of the sausage are beautifully complemented by the Pale Ale, making for a satisfying outdoor meal.

5. Pavlova with Kiwifruit: For a sweet end, the iconic Pavlova, topped with fresh kiwifruit and strawberries, pairs surprisingly well with the Pale Ale. The beer’s crisp finish cleanses the palate after the meringue’s sweetness, while its fruity undertones echo the toppings.


Looking for a Recipe for the Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale?

Try our Home Brew Republic extract brewing Recipe for a Mosaic Pale. This new age American style Pale Ale boasts a complex flavour profile with citrus, grassy, herbal and spice notes backed with complex fruit tones like blueberry, mixed berry and floral and earthy flavours.


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