The Black Rock Lager is a crisp and refreshing beer that is perfect for any occasion. The lager is light in color and has a smooth and clean taste that is easy to drink. The beer has a well-balanced flavor, with hints of hops and a subtle sweetness that make it a great choice for those who are looking for a traditional lager. The carbonation level is just right, giving the beer a light and effervescent feel. Overall, the Black Rock Lager is a well-made beer that offers a great taste and a pleasant drinking experience.


Additional Ingredients Required:

For fermentation you will also require 1kg of dextrose. As an alternative to dextrose consider Liquid Brewing Sugar to reduce the sweet finish and improve the mouthfeel of your brew. Liquid Malt will give you a smoother mouthfeel and more body – we would suggest using a Ultra Light LME.


Premium Yeast Options:

The Black Rock Lager does come with style appropriate yeast. Selecting a premium yeast can give you more flexibility when brewing in ambient temperatures and can improve the quality of your final product or support unique flavour characteristics.

We’ve made this brew using the Mangrove Jacks M54 Californian Lager Yeast which will ferment with an exceptionally clean flavour profile. The yeast is also unique as it has an ideal fermentation temperature range of 18-20 degrees, which is much closer to ale yeast and will make this a great yeast for anyone brewing in ambient temperatures.


Suggested hop pairing:

Being a lager we wouldn’t suggest you heavily hop this brew. If you do want to add some additional character we’ve made this brew with the Green Bullet hop which will give you a complex and sophisticate ‘old-school’ flavour. While we haven’t tried this ourselves it would also be hard to go wrong using the Cascade Finishing hops.


Still want to know more?

You can check out our full brew review or the Home Brew Republic recipe.


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  1. Very nice lager , definitely will brew some more for summer.

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