The Black Rock Crafted IPA is a brew in a back (BIB) – the easiest way to make good beer at home. This is a premium all-in-one solution to make brew day quicker and easier than ever before. Pour straight from the bag, add water and pitch your yeast.


You DO NOT REQUIRE Dextrose or and additional ingredients to get this brew fermenting.


About This Brew:

The Black Rock Crafted IPA is a classic, full-flavored beer for those who love a good IPA with a bit of a bite. It’s built on a solid base of ale and wheat malts, giving it a hearty biscuit taste with hints of toffee sweetness and a slight malt richness. This IPA has a strong bitterness that IPA fans will appreciate, but it’s balanced so every sip is crisp and enjoyable.

It pours with a good head, thanks to the wheat malt, which makes for a great looking glass of beer. Whether you’re kicking back at a barbecue or celebrating with friends, this Black Rock IPA is sure to hit the spot. It’s a straightforward, hoppy brew for anyone who loves the classic IPA style.


Suggested Hop Pairing:

For dry hopping the Black Rock Crafted IPA you can go in a few directions here….

If you want to head in the direction of a West Coast IPA consider any of the quintecential US hops like Cascade, Columbus or Centennial or more modern options like the Mosiac.

We think this kit will work well with a range of hops and you’ll note in the Home Brew Republic Recipe: NZ West Coast IPA we combined Mosaic and Galaxy which are also regarded as working well together.


Looking for a food match? The Black Rock Crafted IPA goes Well With…

1. Roast Lamb: The richness of the lamb will pair beautifully with the IPA’s robust malt profile and cut through its bitterness.

2. Steak and Cheese Pie: The savory filling and flaky pastry, coupled with the richness of cheese, will resonate well with the biscuity and toffee notes of the beer.

3. BBQ Sausages: A plate of sizzling sausages from the BBQ provides a hearty match for the beer’s strong flavors.

4. Burgers with Beetroot: A juicy burger topped with traditional beetroot slices will resonate well with the toffee notes in the IPA.

5. Cheese Platter: Opt for strong-flavored cheeses like aged cheddar or gouda to match the intensity of the IPA.


Looking for a Recipe for the Black Rock Crafted IPA?

Try our Home Brew Republic extract brewing recipe for a NZ West Coast IPA. Home Brew Republic’s NZ West Coast IPA, crafted with a dynamic duo of Mosaic and Galaxy hops, is a bold and satisfying brew that’s perfect for those who love a beer with character.


Still Want To Know More:

Our goal is to have brewed every beer kit we sell. Check out the brew review where we brewed the Black Rock Crafted IPA as part of a recipe brew.




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