The Black Rock Crafted Golden Ale is the latest addition to Black Rock’s range offering a premium brewing product.

With Black Rock’s Crafted Brew-in-a-Box range, home brewers can use the same product sold to professional microbreweries. With no additional fermentation ingredients required getting a brew on has never been quicker. And with high quality wort, its easier than ever for brewers to get a great finish on their brew.

The Crafted Golden Ale has a light bitterness which accentuates the sweet malt character and light fruit and citrus tones. Overall a well balanced, light and refreshing beer that is a great choice for anyone looking for a flavorful and refreshing beer that is easy to drink.


Suggested Hop Pairing

For those who prefer a craft style brew this brew can lightly or moderately hopped based on your preference. We’ve tried this brew with the Galaxy hop which worked exceptionally well, adding depth to the fruit and citrus hop character. This brew will work equally well with other fruit or citrus hop styles like Cascade, Amarillo or Pacifica.


Looking For A Food Match? The Black Rock Crafted Golden Ale Goes Well With…. 

1. Chicken Caesar Salad: The creamy dressing and tender grilled chicken beautifully balance the light malt character, while anchovies add a tang that mirrors the Black Rock Crafted Golden Ale’s citrus tones.

2. Steamed Muscles: Whether prepared in a white wine or butter garlic, mussels provide a savory complement to the Golden Ale’s sweetness. The  hint of ocean brine in the mussels contracts beautifully with the ale’s citrus tones, creating a pairing made for summer.

3. Lemon Herbed Fish: A lightly seasoned fish dish compliments the Golden Ale’s low bitterness and highlights its citrus undertones.

4. Soft Cheeses: Consider Brie or Camembert. Their creaminess contrasts with the Crafted Golden Ale’s lightness, and their mild flavour won’t overpower the beer’s delicate malt profile.

5. Fruit Salads: Especially those featuring citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, or even strawberries. These fruits accentuate the beer’s inherent fruitiness and make for a refreshing pairing.


Still Want To Know More?

You can check out the full brew review where we make the brew with the kit by itself and using hops.







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Black Rock Golden Ale Bag in Box Crafted Beer Kit
Black Rock Bag-In-Box – Crafted Golden Ale

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