Flip top bottle seals also referred to as swing top gaskets or flip top bottle gaskets.


Use With Mangrove Jacks Flip Top Bottles

This product is provided by the supplier to work with Mangrove Jacks flip top bottles. They may work with other similar brands of flip top or swing top bottles.


Why Do Flip Top Seals Need Replacing?

Seals in flip top or swing top bottles need replacing from time to time due to several factors that can affect their condition like:

  1. Wear and Tear: Regular use can cause the seals to wear out over time. Opening and closing the bottles repeatedly can stretch, compress, or physically degrade the seals, reducing their ability to form a tight seal.
  2. Material Degradation: Environmental factors such as exposure to air, moisture, and varying temperatures can cause materials like rubber or plastic to break down. Silicone seals are more resistant but can still eventually degrade, especially under intense use conditions like high heat during sanitization.
  3. Loss of Elasticity: Seals are designed to be somewhat elastic to form a tight seal. Over time, they can lose this elasticity, becoming stiff and brittle, which diminishes their sealing effectiveness.
  4. Chemical Breakdown: The acids in some beverages, such as homebrewed beers and wines, can chemically react with the material of the seal, causing it to deteriorate more quickly than it would otherwise.
  5. Contamination and Residue Build-up: Even with regular cleaning, residues from the beverages or cleaning agents can build up on the seals, leading to contamination that could spoil the beverages or prevent a proper seal.
  6. Odor Absorption: Materials like rubber can absorb odors and flavors over time, which can then be transferred to new batches of beverages stored in the bottles.


What Is Food Grade Silicone?

Food grade silicone is perfect for home brewing due to its safety and durability. It withstands extreme temperatures, making it ideal for processes involving hot and cold temperatures. This material is non-toxic, doesn’t absorb odors or flavors, and is easy to clean, ensuring that it won’t affect the taste of your brews. Its flexibility and strength also make it reliable for sealing bottles or connecting tubing, helping maintain the quality and purity of your homemade beer and cider.


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