Made using a tailored blend of Barley Malt Powder. Dextrose and Dextrin, Brewmaster Brew Blend 50 will give you a full flavour with improved mouth feel and head retention in your favourite brew.


Why use a Brewmaster Brew Blend?

Using a brew blend that contains barley malt powder, dextrose, dextrin, and hops to ferment a kit beer can significantly enhance both the flavor and the overall quality of the beer. Here’s how each component contributes:


Barley Malt Powder: Adds depth and richness to the beer’s flavor, providing the foundational malt character that is essential for the beer’s body and complexity.

Dextrose: Ferments completely, boosting the alcohol content without leaving behind any residual sweetness or heavy flavors, resulting in a cleaner taste.

Dextrin: Improves mouthfeel and body, making the beer feel fuller and more satisfying on the palate. Dextrins also contribute to better head retention, giving your beer a creamy, stable foam.


Combining these ingredients in a brew blend creates a well-rounded, flavorful beer with a pleasing aroma, a good balance of alcohol content, a smooth and full body, and a delightful hop character. It’s an excellent way to elevate a standard kit beer into something more distinctive and enjoyable.


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brewmaster brewblend 50 - Brewing enhancer for dark ales and stouts
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