What is Hopped Brewing Sugar

Hopped brewing sugar is a brewing adjunct that combines dextrose with hops. This pre-hopped sugar is designed to simplify the brewing process by adding both fermentable material and hop flavor in one step, contributing to the beer’s alcohol content while also infusing it with the distinctive bitter and aromatic qualities of hops. It’s ideal for brewers looking to achieve a consistent hop profile without the need for separate hop additions during the boil or fermentation process.


Wakatu Hops

When using the Wakatu hop blended with dextrose during fermentation, brewers can expect a beer with a balanced aroma profile, marked by subtle floral notes and a hint of fresh lime. The flavor of the Wakatu hop is often described as floral notes complemented by a zesty lime citrus quality. There’s often a hint of soft, ripe fruit, reminiscent of sweet oranges or nectarines, which adds a nuanced complexity to the hop profile.This tailored blend is well suited to brewers bright, clean, and subtly sweet element to the aroma and taste of the beer without overwhelming bitterness, making it well-suited for a range of styles, particularly those looking to achieve a balanced, aromatic finish.



This product contains no additional fermentables like malts or non-fermentables like dextrins meaning that it will not affect boudy, mouthfeel, head retention or malt character.


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Brewmaster Brewing Sugar with Wakatu Hops 1KG BM213 - Available online at Homebrewrepublic.co.nz
Brewmaster Brewing Sugar with Wakatu Hops 1KG

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