Brewmaster Brew Body – Dextrin for improving the mouthfeel and head retention in your beer or cider.

What are dextrins? Dextrins are complex carbohydrates that result from the breakdown of starches during the brewing process. They are not fully fermentable by beer yeast, which means they remain in the finished beer, contributing to its overall texture and mouthfeel without adding additional alcohol or sweetness.

How will dextrins improve my home brew beer or cider? Adding dextrins to your homebrew beer or cider will enhance the body and mouthfeel, giving it a fuller, richer texture. This is especially beneficial in styles where a more robust feel is desired, or in light, low-calorie, or low-alcohol brews that might otherwise feel thin or watery. Dextrins can improve the stability of the head of foam on your beer and provide a smoother drinking experience, all while maintaining the brew’s intended flavor profile since they don’t impart sweetness.

Typical Dosage Rate: The typical dosage rate for dextrins in brewing can vary depending on the style of beer and the desired body. For a noticeable impact, a general starting point is about 10 grams per liter of wort, as suggested. This rate aligns with many commercial beer formulations, ensuring a satisfying mouthfeel and professional-looking head retention without impacting flavor or sweetness. Always adjust to personal preference and specific beer style needs.


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Brewmaster brew body - Dextrin for brewing - maltodextrin for brewing - improved mouthfeel and head retention in your beer.
Brewmaster Brew Body (Dextrin) 500g

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