Why use Crown Cap Seals?


When it comes to bottling homebrewed beer, crown cap seals are a popular choice for many reasons. Here are some key benefits of using crown seals for bottling


  1. Airtight Seal:Crown cap seals provide an excellent airtight seal. This is crucial for preserving the carbonation and preventing oxygen from entering the bottle, which can spoil beer or cider.
  2. Longevity: Due to their airtight sealing capability, crown caps help in extending the shelf life of your beer by keeping it fresh for a longer period.
  3. Cost-Effective: Crown seals are relatively inexpensive, especially when bought in bulk. This makes them a cost-effective option for home brewers.
  4. Easy to Use: Applying crown seals is a straightforward process, especially with the use of a capping tool. This ease of use is great for both beginners and experienced brewers.
  5. Reliability: Crown cap seals have been the standard in the brewing industry for decades, known for their reliability and effectiveness in bottle sealing.


Did You Know Crown Seals Have Been Around For Over 100 Years!

Crown seals, commonly known as crown caps, were a groundbreaking invention in the world of beverage packaging. Invented in 1892 by William Painter, an engineer from Baltimore, Maryland, these caps revolutionized the way carbonated drinks were sealed. Originally featuring a metal cap with a corrugated flange edge and a cork lining, crown seals provided an effective solution to prevent leakage and contamination, quickly becoming the standard for sealing bottles in the beverage industry.

The design of crown seals has evolved over time, with the cork lining being replaced by plastic to improve reliability and longevity. Today, these seals are universally used across the globe, particularly in the brewing and soft drink industries. Made of metal with a plastic liner, crown seals are easy to apply with a specialized capping tool, ensuring the carbonation and flavor of beverages are perfectly preserved. Their simplicity and effectiveness have kept the design largely unchanged for over a century, making them a staple in beverage packaging.

In addition to their practical use, crown seals have also gained a cultural aspect, becoming collectible items with various designs cherished by enthusiasts worldwide. They represent not just a means of sealing a bottle, but a century-old tradition of preserving the quality of beverages.


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Mangrove Jacks Crown Cap Seal For Home Brew
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