A twin lever capper is an essential tool for home brewers who bottle their brews, providing a reliable method to ensure their beverages are well-sealed for conditioning and storage.

Functionality: The twin lever capper operates with two handles (levers) that, when pressed down simultaneously, exert force on a central mechanism holding the bottle cap. This action crimps the cap around the bottle’s lip, creating an airtight seal that keeps the beverage carbonated and prevents contamination.

Design: It is designed to be simple and efficient, making it easy for home brewers to cap bottles quickly and securely. The device typically features a magnetic bell or a cup that holds the cap in place while the bottle is being sealed, ensuring the cap doesn’t slip off before crimping.

Usage: To use a twin lever capper, you place a cap on the magnetic holder, position the capper over the top of the bottle with the cap aligned to the bottle’s opening, and press down on the levers. The downward action seals the cap onto the bottle.


Why Use A Twin Lever Capper?

  • Ease of Use: Its simple mechanical advantage allows for easy capping with minimal effort.
  • Durability: Constructed to be robust, it can cap numerous bottles over its lifespan.
  • Versatility: Works with a variety of bottle sizes and types, as long as they are compatible with standard crown caps.


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